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Please refer to this section for all information leading up to Pop-Up Dance events.

Pop-Up Dance Online Classes

All Pop-Up Dance classes are temporarily suspended due to to the COVID-19 pandemic. So we are taking our classes online. Please find information below about how to access these classes.

If your child attends Pop-Up Dance classes, please apply to join our private group on Facebook - where we will be coordinating classes. If you do NOT have Facebook please contact us via email and we will make other arrangements. 

Each teacher will decide how to personally manage classes, but several of us will be using Zoom to deliver classes live. Below are some tips to get started with Zoom:

We suggest participating in Zoom classes in a big space cleared of obstructions. 


On the day of your class, you will be sent a link to allow you to watch the class. This can be accessed on a laptop, tablet and phone.


Please click on this link to watch the class - the first time you do it, you will be asked to download the relevant software. YOU DO NOT NEED AN ACCOUNT TO ACCESS THE CLASS. 


Please enable your camera so that the teacher can see you, pin the teacher's video so that you can see it bigger (all class participants will appear in the top bar), but mute yourself. If you do not mute it might override the teacher. When she asks if anyone has any questions, please unmute. 


If you cannot make the class at the time it is delivered live, it will be recorded and kept on Dropbox to access later. 


We recommend sitting in with your child the first time they do an online class just in case there are any difficulties. For the first few classes, we will try starting 5-10 minutes early to help guide parents through any potential issues.

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