Pop-Up Dance follows the RAD syllabus, all of our ballet teachers are RAD registered.  We currently teach pupils from Pre-School to Advanced Foundation. We offer entry for class awards for pupils in Pre-Primary and Primary grade.  We offer accredited exams for pupils in Grade 1-8 who are able to attend 2 classes in the term before their exam at a minimum.  Pupils unable to attend 2 classes per term will be offered the chance to be entered for a the Class Award at the level they are working at.  Our Students are only entered for an exam/class award at the discretion of the teacher. On average we expect a pupil to be in a grade between 3-5 terms.

Contemporary Dance/Lyrical


Contemporary Dance incorporates elements of Ballet, Lyrical Jazz and Modern Dance.  It develops fundamental skills such as balance, poise and graceful movement

Contemporary Dance Techniques we teach include

Release: with an emphasis on fluidity and the efficient use of energy and breath

Graham: a focus on the use of contraction, release, fall and recovery

Cunningham: which promotes natural movement through rhythm and articulation