Acrobatic Arts

The Acrobatic Arts syllabus has been developed from a number of different disciplines including Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Yoga and Pilates


There are 5 divisions of Acrobatic Dance: Flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling


Progression takes the beginner at pre-primary level from log rolls and cartwheels to the advanced dancer tumbling effortlessly across the stage.

Acrobatic Arts teachers start from the very beginning, teaching proper placement and technique so that students have the building blocks to progress safely and quickly from one level to the next.


Contemporary Dance/Lyrical


Contemporary Dance incorporates elements of Ballet, Lyrical Jazz and Modern Dance.  It develops fundamental skills such as balance, poise and graceful movement

Contemporary Dance Techniques we teach include

Release: with an emphasis on fluidity and the efficient use of energy and breath

Graham: a focus on the use of contraction, release, fall and recovery

Cunningham: which promotes natural movement through rhythm and articulation



Pop-Up Dance follows the RAD syllabus, all of our ballet teachers are RAD registered.  We currently teach pupils from Pre-School to Advanced Foundation. We offer entry for class awards for pupils in Pre-Primary and Primary grade.  We offer accredited exams for pupils in Grade 1-8 who are able to attend 2 classes in the term before their exam at a minimum.  Pupils unable to attend 2 classes per term will be offered the chance to be entered for a the Class Award at the level they are working at.  Our Students are only entered for an exam/class award at the discretion of the teacher. On average we expect a pupil to be in a grade between 3-5 terms