Cost & Payment Details

Children's classes
Dance Classes - Spring Term (12 weeks)

30 minute class: £60.00 (£5 per class)

45 minute class: £72.00 (£6 per class)

60 minute class: £84.00 (£7 per class)

Acrobatic Classes - Spring Term (12 weeks)

45 minute class: £78.00 (£6.50 per class)

60 minute class: £90.00 (£7.50 per class)

Advanced additional: £33.00 (£2.75 per class)

South Lee After-School Clubs - Spring Term (12 weeks)

Acrobatic Arts: £78.00(£6.50 per class)

Lyrical & Ballet: £72.00 (£6 per class)

Terms & Conditions
  • All new starters are encouraged to take a non-obligation trial of their chosen class. If they decide to enrol in the class, the trial class will be included in their invoice. However, is you decide dance isn't for you - you won't be charged. 

  • For students enrolling midway through term, the invoice will be deducted accordingly. 

  • Students will be invoiced termly via email, siblings will be invoiced together.

  • Fees are paid termly, not as individual classes.

  • For 2+ classes, a 10% discount will be added to the entire invoice. This discount only applies if the invoice is paid by the first day of the new term. 

  • Fees are not refundable, but they are transferable within the same term - if an appropriate class is available. If a student misses a class - please contact the office to see if there is the opportunity to make-up the class. 

  • Fees are not transferable between terms.

  • If fees are not paid by the 2nd week of term with no explanation, a 10% late fee will be added. In popular classes, a student is also at risk of losing their place in the class.

  • Pop-Up Dance is passionate about offering classes to students from all types of financial situations, and believes that money should not be a barrier. If a family is experiencing financial hardship, or are struggling to pay the invoice in full. They are encouraged to contact the office so that an appropriate payment plan can be arranged. 

Adult Classes (6 weeks courses) NOT Woolpit Barre

Ballet classes: £42.00 (£7.00 per class) 

Tap classes: £36.00 (£6.00 per class) 

Class Cards

For busy adults, who may not be able to make class weekly, there is the opportunity to use a "class card" which is valid for 3 months from first purchase. They are slightly more expensive than paying for a course, because the teacher and resources are still there - even if you're not!

6 week card: £48.00 (£8 per class)

12 week card: £85.00 (£7.50 per class)

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